Company Mentors at Aww-PH Weingarten

Cover picture by Esther Dam.

PH Weingarten has developed within FIER a training to develop company mentors who guide interns and junior staff from third countries within a specific organisation’s culture and support their language acquisition process. Company mentors are role models; they help designing the learning environment within the workplace and assessing the learning outcomes.

This model is currently being implemented in the hospitality sector, but also in other industries wherever it is needed. Fourteen mentors have already been trained, and they are also multiplying the lessons learned within their companies.

The training process is also supported by video-based learning. This modality, complementary to others, allows structuring learning processes with a highly individual perspective. Flexibility is also gained regarding the following aspects:

  1. Learning place, learning time, learning steps and learning rate.
  2. Videos can be stopped and repeated.
  3. Videos support self-directed learning (“Video-based learning is independent of time and space,” Bisovsky, 1999).
Explanatory video by PH Weingarten. Available here.

Success factors for the company mentor training courses stem from a thorough previous needs analysis. Company-specific language learning is boosted, contributing to the development of quality in the Human Resources sector. Social and political engagement have also been a key aspect that has allowed the development of this method, which has also been put in practice in Oslo together with other FIER international partners (mutual learning). However, company engagement remains a challenge, since a desire for change does not always imply committing to a higher investment in HR development.

For more information about this courses at PH Weingarten, click here.

Testimonies from company mentors trained at PH Weingarten

“Basically, you always are short in time in hospitality. But this it is a matter of priorities. I think the video-based language learning is very helpful and effective in that case. It is easy to implement and can be used also for other trainees in the long run.”

Kartal Can, F & B Manager and company mentor

“I learned that it is very important to explain slowly, in very detailed and in easy language. This also helps to strengthen the work relations. It is a win-win situation. Colleagues feel accepted and have much more fun at work, which is necessary in the hospitality sector.”

Gürkan Gür, Hotel manager and company mentor

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