EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals Updated

The EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals is a multilingual tool developed by the European Union for use by organisations offering assistance to Third Country Nationals. Among other applications, it is useful to assess and map the skills, qualifications and work experiences of third country nationals and to give them personalised advice on further steps.

In the recent months, some improvements have been added to the tool:

  • Pictograms have been included in the tool’s questionnaire in order to simplify use for the less literate.
  • Now it is possible to hide certain sections of the questionnaire that might be considered irrelevant in specific settings, so users can enjoy a tailor-made questionnaire.

This tool is an effective option to assess migrants’ and refugees’ skills taking part in FIER programmes and further courses developed on its basis.


If you want to know more about existing tools for the validation of prior learning, check out this article on the BRIDGE+ project (co-funded by Erasmus+) website, coordinated by FIER partner vhs Baden-Württemberg.

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