Electronic Tablets for Language Learning in Oslo VO Rosenhof

FIER courses in Oslo VO Rosenhof are using electronic tablets to promote interactive learning. They are a user-friendly tool, with a big screen and easy to use. By this means, self-instructing applications can be used for individualized training and allow continuity in the use of digital skills. Many opportunities are offered: communication, encyclopedia, skills training arena, etc.

How is this implemented? Language skills are practiced via different applications, that also allow direct student-teacher communication. For home assignments, recording and listening to authentic messages help overcome the writing barrier. Furthermore, at the workplace, authentic materials such as photos, schedules and information sheets can be uploaded via Showbie so they can be used in the class.

For vocabulary practice, Bitsboard and Kahoot are the applications used at the school; the teacher, together with students, creates their own materials with videos, photos, texts and voice recordings on Book Creator. The tablets also help improve the online navigation and information research skills in Norwegian, through webpages such as Google Maps, job search directories, or language learning videos on YouTube.

Currently, between 12 and 16 participants and taking part in these trainings with the support of electronic tablets.However, it takes time to get started with the selection of apps, and the creation of usernames and passwords.  Students forget passwords and sometimes too much class time is devoted to help them solve technical issues.

On another note, a systematic use of the apps is needed in order to measure progression, which is not always easy due to constant updates and the use of too many apps at once so all skills are covered. A challenge also comes from the workplace, where it can be impractical to bring the device or its use might not be allowed. At home, challenges arise in relation to Internet access.

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